Monday 10 June 2024


Stevia is one of those foods that seems to taste delicious to some people but nasty to others. I really like it, and because I never eat any sugar or any other sweeteners, I really hope it's OK to consume stevia in moderation. It is a natural plant food rather than a refined chemical like most sweeteners, but on the other hand it has had some bad press. 

When I read this very well researched article in a WAPF journal I wasn't very pleased to hear all this bad news about my only remaining indulgence.  As far as I know, my daily use of a small amount of stevia doesn't seem to be having any bad side effects, but there are many articles on the WAPF website that are very negative about stevia. I am reluctantly doing further research and will draw conclusions after that.

This is the bad side to stevia all laid out in full:

"This article provides an abbreviated overview of the research on stevia and its detrimental effects on various body systems, which I explain at greater length in my book. I feel sure that anyone who understands the risks will no longer want to consume stevia or feel safe doing so" - MARCH 5, 2024 BY JOCELIN WHITAKER